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Cough Tincture (Tussilago farfara) – For Cough, and Asthma – Monastic Recipe

Cough Tincture (Tussilago farfara) – For Cough, and Asthma – Monastic Recipe
Cough Tincture (Tussilago farfara) – For Cough, and Asthma – Monastic Recipe
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For: Laxative, Asthma, Cough

Properties :

Tussilago farfara, or Chamoleufki, is a herbaceous, perennial plant with yellow flowers that look like small daisies. It grows in moist soils, mainly in Europe and northern Asia. In our country it is widely found in the spring at high altitude. Its flowers have a pleasant smell and a sweet, aromatic taste. They contain arnidiol, faradiol, tannin, mucin, flavonoids, taraxanthin, and essential oil.

Bichio has been known since ancient times mainly as a medicine to treat respiratory problems. The Greek doctor Dioscorides as well as Hippocrates recommended it for the treatment of chronic cough, runny nose, sore throat, bronchitis and asthma, as it has expectorant and emollient properties, due to the saponoid, flavonoid and other valuable substances it contains . It is also used to relieve arthritic and rheumatic pains as well as toothache.

What is Tincture :

The tincture is created by steeping herbs in an alcoholic solution, usually for a period of a few weeks. During this, the active ingredients of the herbs dissolve in the alcoholic solution. This specific process results in the tincture retaining all the beneficial properties of the herbs to the fullest.

Herbal drops are highly concentrated herbal extracts in a natural alcoholic solution. They retain all their active ingredients and are completely natural.


15-20 drops in water twice a day for a month. Take a break for ten days and repeat. Shake before use.

Precautions :

Avoid use by children under 12 years of age, during pregnancy, breastfeeding and medication.

Components :

Water, ethyl alcohol, naturally cultivated cough syrup.

Net weight 50ml

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